The boy who shot his German language teacher today at Viljandi Paalalinna School had for some time published violent images on his Facebook account, writes Delfi.

These included pictures of war, guns, and martial arts among other things.

He had also posted some threatening messages. “Don’t judge me because I am quiet. Nobody plans murders aloud,” read one. “You inspire my inner serial killer,” read another response.

At a press conference held at the school on Monday evening it emerged that the police had had an eye on the shooter since spring.

During a drug-raid in April the police had found a knife in his rucksack.

Only ten days ago the police had held a meeting with the schools parents’ association in order to go through the results of the operation in April and explain why carrying a knife to school was not such a good idea.

The suspect committed the first known school shooting in Estonia, which took the life of 56-year-old German language teacher identified as Ene Sarap. The incident took place Monday afternoon in Viljandi, a town in Central Estonia.