Mr Paet was speaking to Delfi at his liberal Reform Party meeting. According to the Minister the official who was identified yesterday as Eston Kohver is now in Russia's capital and Estonian authorities are trying to establish contact with him. Talks with the Russian Foreign Ministry have begun and it is hoped that an Estonian consul in Moscow would be allowed to meet Mr Kohver.

Paet said that he has also personally spoken to the Russian Foreign Ministry, but not directly with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Earlier today the Interior Minister Hanno Pevkur said to Delfi that he has spoken with his counterparts in Russia. Mr Pevkur spoke after a cabinet security committee had discussed the abduction in the early hours of today. He reiterared that Mr Kohver was on Estonian side of the border at the time of the abduction and stressed again that the Security Police officer had been pre-emting cross-border smuggling from taking place.